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Parish Elections

Town Council Elections - Time to make a difference?

How much time does it take? Quite often Councillors say that their duties occupy them for about three hours a week, some councillors spend more time that this, and others less, it depends on their level of involvement.

To be a councillor you need to:

  • Care about getting the best for your community
  • Have a willingness to represent your electorate
  • Want to make a difference
  • Undertake Councillor training
  • Adhere to the Code of Conduct (Mandatory)
  • Register your Interests
  • Have to time to commit
  • Be committed and enthusiastic


There are a wide range of training initiatives available through the Norfolk Association of Local Councils, designed to inform members of their roles and responsibilities etc.

The Code of Conduct

When a member of the Council acts, claims to act or gives the impression of acting as a representative of the Council, he/she has the following obligations:
  • He/she shall behave in such a way that a reasonable person would regard as respectful.
  • He/she shall not act in a way which a reasonable person would regard as bullying or intimidatory.
  • He/she shall not seek to improperly confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person.
  • He/she shall use the resources of the Council in accordance with its requirements.
  • He/she shall not disclose information which is confidential or where disclosure is prohibited by law.

2016 Cromer Town Council
Email: info@cromer-tc.gov.uk