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Mayor's Page

The Role of Mayor

By law, the council must appoint a chairman to preside from its members. The chairman of a Town Council is entitled to use the title Mayor. The Mayor of Cromer is appointed at the Annual Town Council meeting in May and remains in the post for one year.

The Mayor has a duty to ensure the smooth running of council meetings, to ensure that all business is lawfully considered and to give every point of view a fair hearing. The Mayor can refer to the Clerk for advice. The Mayor has no rights over and above other councillors other than a casting vote in the event of a tied vote. The Mayor also chairs the Annual Parish Meeting (the annual meeting of the electorate – not a council meeting).

The Mayor is invited to civic events and welcomes official visitors to the town. The Mayor’s allowance is a small sum which can be allocated to help pay for activities undertaken in the role of mayor such as attendance at civic events and gifts for official visitors.

The Mayor of Cromer is Councillor Pat West.

Deputy Mayor is Councillor Emma Spagnola.

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